Industries that Rely on Industrial Chemical Companies

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As an industrial chemical company, we provide some of the necessary components needed to properly run the day to day activities in a variety of industries. In Billings, MT, Advanced Chemical Solutions provides a full range of chemical products to companies that focus on hospitality, food service, brewing, education, retail, and healthcare.


Industrial chemical companies supply the cleaning and sanitation equipment that hotels, resorts, and recreational facilities in Billings, MT need. These supplies are very important in this type of environment because the cleanliness of an establishment must meet the standards and expectations of the customers. Chemicals may be needed to keep pools sparkling or hotel bathrooms freshly cleaned.

Food Service

Restaurants, from fine-dining to fast food, require a relationship with an industrial chemical company to provide the needed cleaning and sanitation chemicals. Having a food service establishment means that the business must meet all local Billings, MT standards, as well as those on a state or federal level. Health inspections require advanced sanitation methods that may not be necessary for a home kitchen.


Breweries need to maintain similar sanitation standards as food service establishment, but there is another important component: taste. The flavor of the beer that is produced can be diminished if the equipment is not properly cleaned.


Schools in Billings, MT rely on industrial chemical companies to provide the sanitation supplies they need to keep their students and staff safe from the spread of germs. K-12, colleges, daycares, and even sports facilities rely on these sanitation tools.


While all retail stores may need cleaning or sanitation supplies, the biggest sector that calls on industrial chemical companies is the grocery industry. When dealing with food, more advanced levels of cleanliness apply. Areas that may require advanced sanitation methods including the meat department, the deli area, and the produce department.


Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics all need medical grade industrial chemicals to help prevent the spread of disease. Patients rely on the sanitation methods of the clinic to keep them safe and healthy. If a doctor’s office or hospital is not properly sanitized, it could create a health crisis.

If your business is in one of these sectors, we can help supply you with the cleaning and sanitation supplies you need. Advanced Chemical Solutions is the premier industrial chemical company in Billings, MT and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your chemical needs.

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