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In-Home Companion Care in Washington, District of Columbia

As a person ages, they often start to experience mobility issues and memory loss. They will forget to turn off the oven or when their next doctor’s appointment is scheduled. They may struggle to get in and out of the shower safely or travel from one room to the next. If you have a loved one that is struggling, you may have discussed assigning them to an assisted living facility. Assisted-living facilities often provide a higher level of care. Their patients need around-the-clock monitoring and assisted living devices. Another option is in-home treatment services. Companies such as Capital City Nurses offer companion care in Washington, D.C. Companions will come to your loved one’s home and assist them throughout their daily routines.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your aging loved one may feel more comfortable in their home rather than in an assisted-living facility. In-home companion care in Washington, D.C., is often covered by insurance. They will assist with daily living activities such as cooking and cleaning. They will prompt your family member to shower and assist where needed. They will help to administer medications on time and promote a healthy lifestyle. Your loved one will be safe in their care. In the event of an emergency, companion caregivers will contact emergency personnel.

Emotional Assistance

When it becomes harder for your family member to get around, they can start to feel lonely. They may no longer be able to drive. Often, states will take aging people’s licenses away because it is no longer safe for them to drive a vehicle. A companion caregiver can bring your loved one to appointments or on social outings such as shopping.

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