In-Home Care in Great Falls, VA for the Senior in Your Life

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Healthcare

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There may come a time in life where someone that we care about can no longer attend to their needs without some assistance. For some, that means shifting to permanent nursing home care where they can be under 24-hour supervision.

But for others, it can mean in-home care in Great Falls, VA. The difference between in-home care and nursing home care can mean a world of difference. Give your senior the attention they deserve while allowing them to maintain their independence at the same time.

Dedicated Care

Just because this is in-home care in Great Falls, VA does not mean that it is any less dedicated than nursing home care. A registered nurse will be on site to perform head-to-toe assessments, help with medications, and even assist in certain tasks.

The point is to provide the dedicated care required to meet the medical needs of the senior in your life, all while still allowing for a maintaining of independence. That is the balance that can make for a great in-home care experience.

In-Home Services

What does in-home care entail? Well, it can mean a plethora of things such as medication reminders, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transferring, accompanying to appointments or on errands, and basic personal care, for starters.

But it can even include dressing, bathing, grooming, and feeding, all with the respect and care that anyone deserves when getting assisted care services. For more information contact Capital City Nurses.

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