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Important Tips for Ant Control This Year

Every year, Maryland households face the prospect of an invasion – ants. They can quickly colonize a yard, and they can even make inroads into your home. Once established, it can be very difficult to completely eradicate them, but a few ant control tips can help you prevent them from establishing a foothold in the first place. What should you know about controlling those invaders?

Wipe It Down

One of the most important ant control tips is this – keep your home clean. This applies specifically to food residues. Crumbs, granules of sugar, and the like are like beacons for ants. Any foragers that encounter left behind bits of food in your home will alert the rest of the colony that there are rich pickings within your home. So, make sure to wipe down tables and counters regularly, and don’t allow dirty dishes to stack up.

Your Floor

You might not think about it, but your floor is a magnet for food debris. When you wipe down your counters and stove top, the chances are good that at least some of those crumbs end up on the floor. And, if you’re like most people, vacuuming isn’t something that you do daily. That can create an ideal attractant for ants – the food debris left behind is a bounteous harvest for these invaders, so make sure you clean your floor regularly.

Pet Food

By now you’ve probably realized that ants invade our homes in their quest for food. They’re not all that picky, either, and will happily dine on pet food as soon as they will human food. Any leftover pet food should be discarded immediately, and stray pieces on the floor should be cleaned up, as well. You should also make sure to clean out pet food bowls, as the crumbs and residue left behind can still attract ants into your home.

Track and Seal

If you notice ants entering your home, track them to the point of entry. Then, seal it up. Ants are particularly fond of cracks near doors and windows, but will also use other crevices to enter your home. Sealing those entry points will give you one more point of protection.

When all else fails, the best option is to call for professional ant control. Get in touch with Viking Pest Control today by calling us at 888-481-8219 to schedule an inspection.

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