Importance of Web Filtering Protection for Homes and Businesses

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Computer And Internet

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Web filtering protection, also referred to as a content control application, determines what content can be accessed on a particular network or machine. Recent studies are showing that a growing number of businesses are reporting misuse of work environment Internet resources. As a result, many companies are finding that this type of software is essential for ensuring productivity. Many hours are attributed to workers spending unnecessary time for personal use on the Internet.

Powerful Access Control
This type of filtering software can be managed for each specific business or household. Additionally, individual user levels can be applied. Millions of web addresses are assigned to a number of categories and subcategories. In order to ensure accurate control, each program will have a database that is continuously updated. Detailed reports allow users and administrators to monitor Internet usage. They can easily ascertain which sites or number of downloads where access was attempted, and whether it was allowed or blocked.

Secure Protection
Many web filtering programs will scan websites for viruses and malicious code. This means that the business or individual has the added security of potential threats being halted before having the opportunity to reach the computer or network. Additionally, these programs are designed to automatically stop the downloading of media such as videos and music. This will ensure that excessive resources are not consumed including bandwidth and disk space.

Enhanced Website Filtration
Businesses and residential users must be aware of legal liabilities that can arise whenever someone is downloading copyrighted material. Also, this type of software is very efficient in protecting against accidentally viewing inappropriate sites. Many parents find these programs popular to protect their children who as students have the continual need to conduct online research. Even the most mundane search queries can bring up unacceptable results through no fault of the end user.

Additional Security Measures
There are also other uses for web filters. For example, if you want to restrict access to online shopping opportunities, these programs can be configured to automatically block out such sites. For businesses, it helps employees to remain focused on their tasks while reducing unnecessary risk to workplace networking systems.

Why Protection is Necessary
The Internet has grown to be a useful and important tool for homes and businesses worldwide. However, it has also become prone to abuse with the potential to produce harm in many cases. Using effective web filtering software is a responsible action to protect against dangerous material whether at home or in the workplace.

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