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Importance of 24-Hour Emergency Clinic Kihei Services

A 24-hour Emergency Clinic Kihei service offers quality health care in the event of unexpected or sudden need for many people and their families. Waiting to be seen by a doctor can be quite distressful for patients especially when it involves a life threatening illness or injury. A walk-in emergency clinic is in the best position to offer round the clock trauma care and has shorter waiting periods when compare to the traditional ER departments. Most of these clinics offer patients the same type of stellar quality health care via a team of certified physicians and are able to treat anything from broken bones to cardiac trauma.

Services Provided in a 24-Hour Clinic are Different

Freelance emergency care clinics Kihei provide a high level of customer satisfaction where in many years has been wanting through placing emergency services in the middle of the community instead of in a hospital.

A 24-Hour Emergency Clinic is Part of the Community

The safety and health of the residents around the clinic is the main motivation for working within such clinics. The health care providers and staff work together to offer high quality medical services with the physician on duty to the Kihei community. As a team, staff, nurses and doctors in Kihei, they are able to take care of your entire family, manage chronic illnesses and provide preventative care.

Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

The numerous rooms available in the clinic enable the doctors to treat multiple patients at a time. This way they are also able to keep their doors open all the time and treat patients within a short time of registration.

Range of Medical Situations Handled

Medical situations handled by the qualified doctors and nurses in the clinic range from mild conditions like:





Sore throats

To complicated symptoms of:

Irregular heartbeat

High blood pressure

Heart attack


Medical Costs

During a visit to the emergency Clinic Kihei residents receive the same high level of treatment and service as that of the emergency room but at a reduced cost. Most of these clinics also accept insurance policies.

Effective medical attention is achievable in a 24-hour Emergency Clinic Kihei using state of the art medical equipment as well as the professionalism of the staff.

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