Implant Dentist St. Louis

If you are having second thoughts about getting a dental implant, chances are, you do not know too well the benefits of having one. After reading about the benefits of dental implants, you’ll definitely find decision-making a no-brainer.

Gone are the day when people had to deal with ill-fitting dentures or bridgework and soaking artificial false teeth in a glass of water. This holiday season why not consider a unique lasting gift for your loved one with a set of dental implants.

Implant Dentists in St. Louis offer a lasting solution to tooth loss. In the past the popular solution is limited to wearing false teeth. But because dentures have a lot of well-known discomforts, many prefer to have no teeth at all than be bothered by all the “false teeth do’s-and-don’ts.”

A dental implant replaces missing or damaged teeth with synthetic teeth that functions and looks exactly like the real ones. Because the chemical composition of these implants are identical to that of genuine teeth, it tends to be more durable, look more natural and are definitely easy to clean. In addition, periodontists have noted that implants thwart further bone loss and gum tissue shrinkage due to loss of teeth. All these benefits attract droves customers who want to wear a gorgeous smile.

What clients have to say? Tooth implants are nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

With traditional bridgework, surrounding teeth next to the missing gap must be ground down to act as anchor supports for the dental bridge. Dental implants do not compromise surrounding natural teeth. Trained Implant Dentists at St. Louis make sure that the nearby gum tissues are preserved throughout the procedure. The implant is bored deep into the tooth bed. Because of the minimal manipulation of the gums, patients do not suffer unnecessary pain.

Dental implants are customized to the user’s anatomical structure as such, it allows patients to eat and speak with comfort and confidence. Patients feel more secure with dental implants and are spared from the annoying and embarrassing clicks and wobbles of false teeth. Moreover, bridgework and dentures may need to be replaced every 10-15 years, but dental implants normally last a lifetime with proper care.

Talking about maintenance, dental implants do not normally require meticulous care. You simply have to brush these fixed implants just as what you do with your normal teeth. Cover the entire teeth including the back of the abutments. Regularly floss your teeth from front, side and back. Aside from daily care to your teeth, you also have to go through routine check-ups. Implant Dentists in St. Louis recommend check up of at least twice a year to ensure that the implant fits in your oral cavity well. It is also necessary to make adjustments or repairs to ensure that the implant will last long. At the same time, the anchors of the implant have to be regularly checked to avoid teeth loss. Not to mention, checking the overall health of your gums and jaw as well.

If you are having problems with your teeth, an implant dentist St. Louis can do magic for you. is a great website to learn more about dental implants.

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