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Imaginative Ways to Use Terracotta Pots Around Your Home

A terracotta pot is one of the most popular options for anyone who wants to do a bit of decorating around their home. These cute pieces of decor are great for flowers, herbs or several other types of plants. You can also get quite creative with them when the mood strikes. With a bit of paint, an imagination and a desire to be unique, you can quickly use these pots to bring life to any area. In this article, we will show you a few imaginative ways to use your pots and give your space an entirely new look and feel

Light It Up

There are several ways to use a terracotta pot to add a bit of illumination around your home and garden. Are you a fan of lighthouses? If so, with a bit of paint and the right arrangement of the pots, you’ll find yourself able to construct one of your own. Garden lights are also a creative use of these popular pots. Arranging them as you wish with lights held by pea gravel or simply dirt will light your way at night when you want to take in your handy work. Don’t forget the candles. Candles and pots can be used for heat in a small space that gives off a cute ray of ambient light to set the mood.

Decorations Galore

When it comes to adding cute accents around the house and garden, nothing adds the perfect flair like a well placed terracotta pot. These pots can be used to make everything, from outside end tables for the porch to bird feeders, with the right imagination, by turning the pots in different directions, adding a splash of color and thinking outside the box. You will quickly learn they are not only beautiful when used for decoration and design, but a great outlet for your inner ideas.

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