If You Need Help, We Buy Houses in Lee’s Summit

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Real Estate Consultant

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Although you may get marginally more for your house if you list it with a local realtor, you may also have to wait many weeks or months for it to sell. If you cannot, or you do not want to wait, you may wish to consider turning to companies that say, “we buy houses in Lee’s Summit.” These companies not only buy your house, but they also buy it for cash, and the transaction can be completed in a matter of days.

There are valid reasons why homeowners sell their homes for cash.

Sales Rarely Break Down

Going back-and-forth with a potential buyer is frustrating. You can spend countless hours showing the house to prospective buyers and answering all their questions. You work hard and long to reach the point where you are ready to close the deal. After all this, the buyer can fail to qualify for a mortgage. At the last minute, the potential buyer realizes their credit is not good enough to purchase a house. Your only option is to start over. Cash deals avoid this altogether. When someone makes a cash offer, credit, and loan obligations mean nothing. Rarely will a deal fall apart at the last minute.


It can take weeks, perhaps months, to get an acceptable offer on your home. It can then take another few weeks for the deal to close. On the contrary, a cash purchase can close quickly, a matter of days, not weeks. When you sell for cash, the transaction is quick and problem free.

When you sell a house for cash, the buyer, not the lending institution assesses the value of the property. A cash buyer pays what they want to pay, not what an appraiser says. Groups that state that ‘we buy houses in Lee’s Summit’ eliminate the problems and hassles that often occur when you sell to someone that needs to arrange financing.

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