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Identifying The Requirements For Auto Insurance In Oklahoma City, OK

In Oklahoma, all drivers must comply with state and federal laws for automobile coverage. The state requires these drivers to acquire no less than liability coverage for all vehicles registered in their name. Insurance agencies that provide Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City OK help to fulfill these requirements.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

The current values assigned to liability coverage for all automobiles in Oklahoma begin with a minimum of $25,000. This value coverage the first individual who is injured in an accident. The policy must pay a maximum of at least $50,000 for the entire accident. It should also offer no less than $25,000 for any property damage that occurs during the accident.

At What Times is Proof of Insurance Needed?

All automobile owners must keep proof of insurance with them at all times. They must provide evidence of their insurance at any time they are stopped for a traffic violation. They should present this proof when they approach a checkpoint. They must also have proof of automobile coverage when they register a new vehicle or renew their vehicle’s license. The Department of Motor Vehicles must acquire a current copy of the policy to keep for their records.

The insurance provider must provide updates about the policy under certain conditions. If the policy is canceled or expires, the file is flagged by the DMV. The insurer must inform the DMV if the driver doesn’t have current coverage for the registered vehicle.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Insurance?

Any driver who is caught without auto coverage faces a fine of at least $250. The county can require them to spend at least 30 days in jail for this violation. They will also suspend the owner’s driver’s license and registration of the vehicle.

Oklahoma automobile owners must maintain current insurance for their vehicle. Federal and state laws enforce this requirement for all automobile owners. If they don’t acquire and maintain coverage, they will face civil or criminal penalties. Additional violations could present the owner with higher fines and an extended jail sentence. Vehicle owners who need to purchase Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City OK should browse this site to acquire a free quote today.

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