Hydraulic Quick Connect Fittings – Applications and Industries for Use

A quick disconnect, push-to-connect, or hydraulic quick connect fittings provide end-users with an important connection that benefits the operation of fluid and air lines. These couplings, which are attached by hand, or usually two-piece in nature the chaff containing a self-sealing valve filled with fluid when disconnected. The one half contains a hose fitting end and the other a quick connect, regardless of connection type – flared, barbed, threaded, etc.

Various Sizes and Materials

Quick couplers are provided in either complete sets or one half, referred to as a quick connect plug. They are also provided in a range of different sizes and materials. Corrosion resistance is offered through the use of grass and stainless steel quick connect fittings. Connection style, seal type, pressure rating, temperature, and material compatibility all plain important role in the decision of what type of hydraulic quick connect fittings to purchase.

Various connection styles can accompany a quick disconnect hose fitting, including threaded, snap, bayonet, and non-latching. In applications that often involve the removal of the hose, an air hose quick connect or hydraulic quick connect fitting is commonly used. Gas, pneumatic, vacuum, steam, and hydraulic applications often make use of quick disconnect hose couplings.

Use in Various Products and Industries

Some of the industries that make use of hydraulic connector products include construction and agriculture. In addition, other applications involving mobile equipment can benefit from these products.

The various products that can benefit from quick couplings and hydraulic connect fittings include offshore drilling rigs, chemical plant equipment, rescue equipment, hydraulic hand tools, mining operations equipment, steel mill equipment, test benches, hydraulic fracturing equipment, tractor trailers, sprayers, farm tractors, pressure washers, snowplows, skid Steer loaders, front end loaders, earth moving equipment, wire pullers, turf equipment, hydraulic rams and jacks, chemical plant equipment, and mining operations equipment. As well, equipment maintenance, electronics cooling, and fluid transfer operations can also benefit from these couplings.

Before you purchase hydraulic quick connect fittings, take the time to ensure the products are reliable and have the performance specifications and characteristics you need. They should have undergone the necessary rigorous testing, the easy-to-use, and have a strong track record of successful use in the industry.

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