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Hydraulic Oil Analysis Services in Des Moines, Iowa

One of the wonders of our mechanical technology today is the use of hydraulics. They enable machines like the cranes, jacks and pumps to move objects and other mechanical parts around. They’re used in airplanes to control panels and wheel mechanisms. Amusement rides use them as well.

And when it comes to industrial machines that use hydraulics, they’re ever more important in the progress and growth of cities and businesses. They’re in many applications transferring power to work equipment. They are very lightweight compared to their mechanical counterparts, very efficient and very compact.

These hydraulic systems often use mineral or synthetic hydrocarbon fluids for their high flash and fire points, resistance to oxidation that causes wear and degeneration. That’s why constant monitoring of these hydraulic fluids is important to keep the whole system working optimally.

What’s needed is a regular check up on the hydraulic oil quality for any water and dirt contamination, two of the most frequent cause of hydraulic system breakdown. Water causes corrosion from oxidation. Dirt and grit cause scratches and further damage especially between their clearances on servo valves.

Hydraulic oil analysis services in Des Moines, IA, look at a number of parameters that grade the quality of hydraulic fluid. Such analysis covers particle counting, signs of water contamination, kinematic viscosity which refers to the resistance of fluid flow by gravity. It also covers total acid number or TAN, its elemental spectroscopy that identifies and quantifies metallic elements in used hydraulic oil. There’s also the oxidation analysis and Wear Debris Analysis.

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