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Hurt While Going to Work in a Auto Accidnet? Call an Accident Attorney in Clarksville

People do so much driving, that they don’t give it a second thought. Therefore it’s a terrible shock when something goes wrong and they are in a serious accident. Morning commuter traffic is filled with tired drivers that aren’t paying attention to the road. Many of them are focusing on the workday ahead and not their driving. They maybe talking on their phone, texting, even reading a report. When one of these drivers rear ends a car and seriously injures the driver, that driver is considered negligent. Therefore he can be held liable for the resulting medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

The injured driver should hire an Accident Attorneys in Clarksville as soon as possible. He won’t be dealing with the negligent driver, but with his insurance carrier. That company makes money by charging high premiums and paying out low claims. Therefore they will look for any excuse not to pay a claim or to keep it as low as possible. They may charge that the injured driver was negligent and even caused the accident. Insurance company doctors may examine the injured driver and dispute the extent of the injury.

Back injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Two patients can have the same x-ray results. One is able to walk and the other has to rely on a wheelchair. Therefore it’s easy for an insurance company to claim that the injured driver is lying about their symptoms. They may even hire a private investigator to follow them around. An Accident Attorney Clarksville has seen this all before. They are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use to wear down injured people.

They have their own medical experts who can review the medical reports and support the findings of the injured driver’s doctors. They also know how to mount a case to convince the jury that their client isn’t lying. They will show how engaged and enthusiastic the person was prior to the accident and their current status. Many criminal courts don’t give out long prison sentences for negligent drivers. Civil litigation is one way for the injured person to get justice.


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