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How Water Can Damage Your Home

When there has been water damage in your home, you may wonder if you need to look for professional help with water damage restoration in Phoenix. It may look like just a little water and seem like something you can take care of yourself. Unfortunately, even a little water can do a lot of damage. It is very important that water is dealt with efficiently and as quickly as possible. Before trying to take care of water damage by yourself, it is important to realize some of the effects water can have on people and their property.

One of the biggest concerns when there has been water damage is the health threat associated with this water damage. When water damage has occurred there is a possibility of mold growing in that home. Mold can be a serious health threat. It has been shown to cause allergic reactions, asthma, infection, and can even be toxic in some situations. It takes a very short amount of time for mold to start growing when water, or even just water vapor, has been present. Furthermore, water can be a health hazard if the water that is causing the damage has been contaminated. There are three categories of water ranging from clean to black water.Coming in contact with black water presents a serious threat of major illness. Moreover, it is difficult to determine the level of contamination of water without professional help.

The threat to property is just as real. In the worst cases of water damage, the entire structure or foundation of a home can be threatened. Even in situations with less extensive damage, other threats to property are possible. Any wood structure that has been exposed to excessive water for a time can be destroyed through mold or splitting and warping. Kitchen cabinets can become brittle. Drywall and ceiling tiles are particularly susceptible to water staining or swelling. In addition, wood floors that have become wet can buckle or lift up and be damaged.

Obviously, there are many ways in which water can cause significant harm to people and their property.To protect yourself when water has damaged your home, it is essential that you turn to a professional for water damage restoration in Phoenix. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to quickly remedy the problem and negate many of the harmful effects that water can have. It is important that you find someone that you can trust and is available quickly when disaster strikes. Many companies that specialize in water damage restoration in Phoenix are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is essential because when there has been water damage, the quicker the response the more favorable the outcome.

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