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How To Use Swimming Pool Chemicals

Owning a pool requires maintenance and detailed care to keep the pool looking brand new. In addition, proper maintenance helps the pool to stay clean and safe. There are many pool supplies in Overland Park that you may consider purchasing to help you keep your pool clean. Perhaps the most important of these supplies are chemicals. Pool chemicals help to regulate the safety and cleanliness of the water in your pool. It is essential that you understand how to use the chemicals correctly so you don’t add too much or too little of a solution. Excessive amounts of chemicals can cause health hazards, while not using enough chemicals can cause the water to become murky and unappetizing. When you go to a pool supply store, the employees are often able to provide you with information regarding pool chemicals so you are aware of how much to use.

There are two particular elements that you should test your pool for; the level of chlorine and the level of PH. Often, you can purchase a small testing kit that will adequately do the job of informing you of the current levels. If you have a smaller pool, you may simply add a small amount of chlorine and PH to your pool water. However, if you have a much larger pool, you may consider other pool supplies Overland Park. Some supply stores have chlorine tablets that you can put in your pool. These tablets will slowly dissolve over a given time and can help regulate the amount of chlorine in the pool. Another option you may consider is to have an automatic chlorinator connected to your pool filter. Having an automatic chlorinator will eliminate the step of having to put chlorine into your pool manually.

Some pools can become stained by metal. Stains often are a reddish or orange color and can ruin the aesthetics of your pool. If you see this kind of discoloration, you may consider testing your pool for metals by using a chelating agent. Any store that offers pool supplies in Overland Park should have this product available for you. This product will help gather the small metals that may be present in the pool so you can easily vacuum them away.

Finally, you may want to consider using algaecide if you have detected an algae problem. In certain climates, pools can become increasingly slimy or the water may become murky and green. When this happens, purchase algaecide and follow the instructions listed on the bottle. You can also ask the workers at the supply store if they have any recommendations on how to effectively use the product.

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