How to Use Social for Local Business

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get business. In today’s Information Age, people often seek information about products or services they should consider from their friends online. An expert can help you use social for local business. Social media is important for building your brand online so that customers trust you more.

You can look online for companies in this space. Shortlist two or three companies based on their prices and services. You can also ask your friends, family, and colleagues for suggestions. Plan a budget and work within it.

Create a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for your company. Spend an hour a day at least familiarizing yourself with this medium. Interact with your customers online, answering their queries so that your company comes across as approachable.

Appoint a person who will manage your social media strategy and interact with the company you hire for this purpose. Read weekly or monthly reports on your visitors so that you can modify your strategy if required.

Look up case studies and best practices in this industry so that you can apply strategies which are relevant for your business. Run periodic promotions so that customers are aware of your brand on social media and become your brand ambassadors.

Use multimedia such as videos, images, and so on to attract the interest of your customers on social media. Share industry news so that customers have a better impression of you. Be prepared to regularly update your profile otherwise it may have a negative impact on your online reputation.

Monitor references to your company and your competition on social media. Address any concerns your customers have, so that potential customers have a positive impression of your customer service. You can also start a company blog.

Location based social media services like Four Square are also a good way to know your best customers. Plan special promotions for them so that they are motivated to keep visiting your facility. Have regular meetings with the company so that you can review your social media strategy.

Using social for local business can be tricky but the rewards are immense. Besides brand building, you can look forward to increased sales. You can also generate leads which you can follow up later. Ensure that your website is linked to your social media profiles so that it is easy for customers to contact you for further details.



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