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How to Update Your Kitchen – Starting with the Cabinets

All of us love our kitchens. They call to mind fond memories of our childhood and remind us of some of the most delicious times in our lives. However, they may be less endearing to the eye – especially if they haven’t been updated since the times when those memories took place!

If you’re looking to create a modern kitchen, consider starting with modern kitchen cabinets. Here are a few ideas to get you started with bringing your cabinets into the current century:

Ditch the Doors

One big trend for kitchen cabinets is the minimalist approach of getting rid of the doors altogether. This look has several big advantages for your space. First, it allows for easy access to everything you need at all times. Second, it encourages you to keep less in your cabinets and therefore cuts down on kitchen clutter. And of course, it cuts a very striking look for your space!

There is a drawback, however. This approach isn’t very forgiving. You must keep up with your cabinet clutter regularly to keep it from becoming an eyesore with this look, so only choose this if you’re ready for the maintenance required.

Switch the Doors

Don’t like the idea of getting rid of your cabinet doors? Consider swapping them for an interesting and attractive alternative. Some fun swaps include frames paned with:

  • Mesh
  • Chicken wire
  • Lattice
  • Glass or faux glass

These switches allow for the same open-air concept and look without the grueling upkeep.

Light Things Up

Lighting is another great way to modernize a kitchen space. For your cabinets, consider string lighting or tube lighting installed beneath the cabinets or along their facings. This will allow better visibility in the evenings and at night or early in the morning. It’s also a modern and attractive option to keep your space warmly lit when you don’t want your overhead light on.

Looking for options for modern kitchen cabinets in Delray Beach? Talk to your nearest supplier of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. They can get you started with great ideas, expert advice, and everything you need to start your renovation project – and finish it, too!

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