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How to Travel Comfortably with a Pet

If your dog is like mine, they love to ride in the car. She waits at the door whenever I put on my shoes or she thinks she hears keys rattle. She is very well behaved in the car and believes she should always go along.

There are certain safety and comfort tips for taking your dog travelling, whether it is just running errands or taking longer trips. Always check with your vet if you are taking a long trip. Make sure you know where there are Emergency Vet Durham clinics along the way.

Riding Safety

If your dog has not ridden in the car much or at all, then you probably should take some short drives to see how your dog will react. Check to see if he gets motion sick or gets nervous.

It is recommended that you never allow your dog in the front seat, in case of a sudden stop, turn, or accident. The airbag could severely injure your dog, or he could be thrown through the windshield. There are many types of pet seats similar to child safety seats that can be placed in the backseat, securing your dog safely in the car. If you don’t use a safety seat, then at least secure the leash to the seatbelt so they can’t jump out if you open the door. Many states require some type of safety restraint for your pet in the car.


It helps to take something familiar to your dog to help him feel secure in the car, especially if he hasn’t been riding much. Maybe a favourite toy, pillow, or chew toy would work to calm him, something to keep him occupied. You don’t want to feed your dog before riding, in case of motion sickness. Even if your dog doesn’t get sick, it could cause an upset tummy or discomfort that might stress him out.

Prepare for Longer Trips

Talking to your vet is the best option for getting tips and emergency information about travelling. Find out information about the area you will be staying to see if you will need to have extra vaccinations. Your Emergency Vet Durham clinic can offer the best advice.

If you have room in your vehicle for a crate that will fit your dog, it may make him feel more secure and safe travelling on a longer trip. Plan your route where you can stop often to exercise and go potty. Also ensure ahead of time that where you will be staying is pet friendly. With a little planning and safety precautions you can have a fun and safe trip with your pet, whether it’s just running errands around town, a park outing with the kids, or a family trip.

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