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How To Tell If A Home Has Had Water Damage

It is always frustrating to purchase a home only to find out it has issues. Many of these issues such as water damage can be detected before you make the purchase and can keep you from buying into a potential money pit. There are ways to tell if a home has ever had any sort of water damage and well will be looking over a few of those in this article.

Homes can have water damage for any number of reasons such as broken pipes, overflowing of sinks or toilets, failed window seals, frozen pipes, toilets and sinks that do not work properly, just to name a few.

When looking at a home, perhaps one you are interested in buying, you should look for water stains because these are clear indicators of previous water damage. Since water issues do not fix themselves, if you see any type of water damage it is likely the problem is still occurring.

You can tell if carpet has been affected by water damage because it will have a certain odor to it that is usually a tell tale sign. Also you can look at ceilings to see if they have ever been affected by water damage by looking for discolored spots or drooping of the ceiling. You can stick a small object into the ceiling in the area in which you have concern, and if the ceiling has been damaged it will be soft and easily penetrated.

Not all sellers of homes are going to upfront about damage they know their house may have, although they all should do this out of the kindness of their hearts. Many times the seller is trying to get out of having to pay to have things in the home fixed and just wants to get out of it quickly. If things seem too good to be true, such as an extremely low price on the house or the sellers seem very eager to sell, you may want to look a little closer at the house to make sure there are not any issues with water damage.

The best way to determine if the home has even been subject to any sort of water damage is to have a water damage inspection performed. They will know places to look that many of us would typically look over or not even think about looking. If there is water damage in the home, it is likely that the home has a mold issue as well and you will have to have these problems addressed before moving yourself and your family into the home. If you move into a home that has had water damage you may suffer health issues associated with the mold it has caused.

If you suspect your home has suffered from water damage in Folsom, call ctechrestoration.net for professional restoration services.

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