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How To Take Care Of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is the hardest metal. For cutting and polishing a diamond, you need to use another diamond. But this does not mean it will not be destroyed even if you don’t care for it. You should not use diamonds when you are doing any rough work as the chances of the diamond getting chipped off are high.

Seven Tips about How to Take Care of Diamond Jewelry

Just like any other jewelry, you need to take care of diamond jewelry. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind about taking care of your diamond jewelry in New Jersey.

1) When you are not using your favorite diamond jewelry, do not store it along with other types of jewelry. When kept along with other jewelry, it can result in scratches. Keep each diamond wrapped separately in a soft cloth, jewelry pouch, or tissue.

2) Regular inspection of diamond jewelry is important to ensure the right settings. If you find any problems, do not repair yourself. It can cause more severe damages to the jewelry set. Take your diamond jewelry to a professional for repair.

3) Avoid contact with creams, oil, chemicals, etc.

4) Handle your diamond jewelry carefully. For cleaning your diamond jewelry, use warm water. Mix ammonia-based cleaner in water and soak your diamond jewelry in it for a few hours. Using a soft brush, you can clean the diamond jewelry without causing any damages.

5) Do not use harmful solutions to clean your diamond jewelry.

6) Never use your favorite diamond jewelry when going to the gym or when doing any work in your garden or kitchen as it can cause severe damages to your diamond jewelry.

7) Never use your diamond ring when traveling overnight as it can cause damages to the design.

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