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How to Store Heating Oil in Mystic, CT

Residential heating oil is used to heat homes and needs a safe storage system. The storage of the oil is typically in tanks which are safe. However, oil spills and leaks happen despite our best efforts to prevent them, and they can affect not just your health but also the environment. There are many things you can do to ensure that you are storing your heating oil correctly to avoid any leaks or spills.

Placement of Your Storage Tank

It is important that you place the heating oil tank somewhere that is unlikely to be in the way of the normal activities of your household to prevent it from being bumped or played with. The popular places for an oil tank are in the basement or the garage. If you are placing the tank in the basement, ensure that it is in a room away from where children are going to be playing. If your tank is going to be placed in the garage, leave plenty of distance between the tank and moving vehicles.


It is important that you have your heating oil tank inspected on a regular basis. Corrosion happens and is often the number-one cause of leaks. By ensuring that your tank is properly filled and inspected, you are going to catch potential issues faster.

Other Precautions

There are other things you can do to the heating oil tank to keep it safe. You can install an overfill device on your tank and have drip trays installed under both the tank and the oil supply lines. This is going to catch any leaks that might happen and alert you to them immediately.

When you are replacing the tank that held your heating oil in Mystic, CT, choose one that is double-walled or has a double bottom to help lower the risk of corrosion and leaks.

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