How To Spot Top Industrial Distributors

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Industrial

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It is sometimes very easy to look at a website or talk to a sales rep on the phone and make an assumption about the business. This is true for any type of supplier, but when it comes to finding the top industrial distributors, it is more important to understand what the company can and cannot provide.

When looking at options and generating a short list of the top industrial distributors, there are several factors to consider. Pricing is always a factor, but with the top PVF distributors, there is very rarely a large difference in pricing. Instead, it is the other advantages one company provides over the competition that makes it the best choice.

Complete In-House Inventory

The top industrial distributors have extensive in-house inventories. This allows them to fill orders quickly and to decrease order turnaround time for national or international shipments.

This is always important in the event an emergency order needs to be placed. If the distributor has the order parts and components available, it can be to you much faster than having to manage orders from manufacturers and shipping issues.

Able To Work To Order and Delivery Requirements

In addition to inventory, the best distributors have great working relationships with shippers. This allows them to work to your supply chain and logistics requirements. Some companies even offer multiple shipping locations, which can dramatically cut costs on international freight.

Offer Top Customer Support

An industrial distributor with a customer support focus works with you as a partner. They provide experience and expertise and can be invaluable in helping to overcome challenges, solve problems and even to suggest options in materials that meet all requirements and standards for the specific application.

Not all distributors offer all of these advantages. Comparing different companies is necessary to find the best fit for your supply needs.

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