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How to Spot a Winner When Looking at Horses for Sale

When looking at horses for sale, it can be tempting to forgo a purchase because of the price. However, if you ride for show or competition, you should remember that any one of the horses you consider could be your million-dollar winner. Todd Crawford has had the good fortune of owning and riding several horses that were definite winners. Crawford’s ability, in addition to his high-quality horses, are what helped him become the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA)’s first $2 Million Rider.

Crawford reached the two-million dollar mark at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity in 2011. In addition to reaching this milestone, Todd Crawford was also named the American Quarter Horse Association’s (AQHA) Professional Horseman of the Year and is a two-time U.S. Equestrian Federation Champion. He has now earned $2,012,000 in NRCHA in his career. As if that were not enough, riding horses has also netted Crawford earnings from the National Reining Horse Association that exceed $866,000.

To say that Crawford knows horses is a bit of an understatement. He rode five horses at the Futurity, including Cat Can Dew, who netted Crawford $38,875 of his $75,000 winnings. Fancy Boons N All, Sinful Cat, He’s a Stylish Rey, and I’ll Be Skeets combined to help him earn his remaining winnings.

Todd Crawford started in the 1980’s with cow horses and has always loved showing them. He says that the winnings are simply a happy by-product of doing what he loves. In addition to thanking his wife, his family and his sponsors for all of their support, Crawford also thanked all of his horses, saying that they were all very talented.

Most riders will never see the kind of earnings that Todd Crawford has seen with both the NRCHA and the AQHA, but the only way to even come close is to find a horse that is a winner. Some of the best horses in the industry are discovered when riders search for horses for sale and spot that one special horse that stands out from all the rest.

The next time you are looking at horses for sale, take a few extra moments to see if you notice anything special. You never know when you may be looking at a winner in the making.

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