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How to Shop at a Large Diamond Buyers Louisville

When shopping for a diamond with a Large Diamond Ring Buyers Louisville, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to be able to find the best diamond for the budget you have to spend.

Start with the shape or cut of the diamond. Many people have preferences with the cuts of the diamonds for one reason or another. If you do not know what the person you are buying the diamond for prefers, you may want to consider buying a round cut diamond. These tend to be full of the most ‘sparkles’ and catch the eye more than other cuts of diamonds, and so are considered a classic shape.

Now it is time to select the size or caret weight of the diamond you wish to purchase. There are many standard caret weights that your jeweler will help you understand and be able to show you examples of. If you are looking for a slightly discounted Diamond Ring Buyers Louisville, many times you can ask for a diamond that is slightly under a standard caret weight. These are often sold with significant discounts because they are not as popular or easy to sell.

If the diamond that you are wanting is still a little out of your price range, there is a specific order that you should make concessions on in order to make the best possible purchase for your budget. First of these is the diamond’s clarity. This is how clear the diamond is, and the level can be dropped to ‘VS2’ before you need to make a concession in another area of the quality of your diamond.

Secondly, once you’ve reached ‘VS2’ and you are still outside your budget, you may lower your color choice to ‘H’ before you need to lower anything else. The color of a diamond has very specific guidelines and is graded just like all the other aspects of an individual diamond.

If you are still above your budget while shopping with Large Diamond Ring Buyers Louisville, the next thing you will want to compromise on is the cut. These are also graded. In most cuts, a ‘Good’ grade is acceptable, while in a round cut diamond, you will want at least a ‘Very Good’ so that the brilliance is not effected.

Remember that the Large Diamond Buyers Louisville want to help you find the perfect diamond at the perfect price!

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