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How to Select a Gifted School

If you think your child is gifted, he or she may do well at a gifted school. Your child’s natural ability will be channeled in an appropriate manner at a school which has a curriculum designed specifically for children like him or her. This is usually more challenging than a regular school program and care is taken to also impart social skills.

If your child is grouped with older children, coaching in social skills can help him or her fit in. A bilingual education will provide added intellectual stimulation to your child if he or she is unusually intelligent. Look for a program which lays stress on analytic thinking so that your child progresses in this area.

You can search online for a school of this kind which is located in your area. Check whether student faculty ratio is low, because gifted children usually are more challenging to teach. A teacher will be better able to cope with a smaller class if the children are gifted.

Your child will feel more comfortable in an environment where there are other children who are similar to him or her. Learning from peers is also an important part of school life, so if his or her fellow students are of a similar intellectual bent, your child will enjoy going to school.

Check whether the teachers are qualified, competent, and understand the special challenges of teaching gifted children. The school should take measures to regularly update the curriculum and train the teachers in new methods of teaching.

Shortlist two or three schools based on the fees they charge as well as their curriculum. You can also ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Choose a school which believes in imparting a diverse perspective to the children.

School teachers can also help you determine whether your child is gifted. Signs to watch out for are a great curiosity, original play, and unusual analytical ability. If your child is able to understand difficult concepts easily, ask complex questions on them, and has an almost adult like sense of humor, you should take him for evaluation to a gifted school.

You should feel comfortable when you interact with the school administrators. Be careful when you decide to put your child in a gifted school. Rockville residents should consider one which is in their area, so that it is easy to drop off and pick up children everyday.

Gifted School Rockville – You should look for a reputed gifted school. Rockville residents should consider the Feynman School, which has a diverse curriculum for its students.

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