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How to Restore Smiles and Improve Oral Health

If you’ve been looking for a solution to restore your smile and improve your oral health, then dental implant care in Pasadena, CA, is the right choice for you. Dental implants offer a permanent way to replace missing teeth, providing a long-term, natural-looking result. When you choose the experienced team of professionals at Art of Smiles, you can expect high-quality care and attention to detail, so you can look and feel your best again.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular choice for replacing missing teeth and providing improved oral health and a more natural aesthetic. A dental implant is a small titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone and takes the place of your missing tooth root. Once the implant has healed, a specially prepared prosthetic tooth is affixed to the post, offering a precisely fitted, long-lasting replacement tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When you choose dental implants in Pasadena, CA, you can enjoy a range of benefits. Implants provide greater confidence and renewed self-esteem thanks to their natural-looking, long-term results. The prosthetic tooth also helps maintain healthy jawbone structure and provides you with improved chewing function. And because there’s no need for adhesives or to take the implant out for cleaning, there’s minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

The Dental Implant Process in Pasadena, CA

The dental implant process starts with a thorough evaluation and consultation at Art of Smiles. Our team will review your medical history, dental records, and current oral health condition to make sure this treatment is the right choice for you.

If dental implants are the best option for you, then the next step is to carry out one or more preparatory procedures. These include bone grafting to increase the jawbone’s density in order to support the implant and sinus augmentation to build up the floor of the sinus adjacent to the implant site.

Once you and your dentist have established that you are ready for the implant procedure, the implant will be placed and given time to heal. Once it has fully healed, the prosthetic tooth will be permanently attached to the post.

Oral Health Care After the Procedure

Following the procedure, it is important to continue good oral hygiene practices to keep your implant and your teeth in good condition. Brush and floss regularly, and be sure to get regular check-ups and professional cleanings.

Restorative Care at the Art of Smiles

At the Art of Smiles, we are proud to offer comprehensive restorative care. Our experienced team of dentists and hygienists uses cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to provide you with personalized care and attention to detail. We believe you deserve to have a healthy, beautiful smile, so contact us to learn more about dental implant care in Pasadena, CA, today.

When you choose our team, you can be sure your results will be natural, comfortable, and functional. With our help, you can enjoy greater physical and emotional comfort and renewed confidence in your smile.

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