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How to resolve tenancy issues

When owning property, or working as a property manager, you must have knowledge on how to resolve issues with tenants. Being ready beforehand can be helpful when a dispute arises by saving both time and money. There are numerous options which can be used rather than going to court.

Remain Updated on All Housing Laws
First, before any dispute happens, all property owners and managers need to know updated local, state, and federal housing laws. Many tenancy issues begin because one party does not realize the lease agreement has been broken or they are unaware of any rights under housing laws they may have.

Prior to Communicating
Before meeting to discuss the problem, concerns need to be made clear and what expectations are wanted for an outcome. This could include such things as an explanation, apology, or an action a tenant needs to take.

Communication is Key
Many issues with tenants are able to be resolved if full communication is used by both parties. Even if anger is justified, it is extremely important to maintain an even temper. An answer to the problem may be simple and honest, which is being blown out of proportion by both parties.

Professional Mediator Services

After unsuccessful tries to resolve tenancy issues, professional mediator services may be of help. Several states across the country provide mediators trained in property disputes and are ready to assist with situations which arise between a landlord and tenant.

Small Claim Court
The majority of tenant property issues fall under the jurisdiction of small claims court. Using this option is generally cheaper and quicker than criminal or civil court.

Civil or Criminal Court
After all other options have been exhausted, a tenant may have to be taken to criminal or civil court. Manners in which disputes are tried depends on a tenant’s actions.

Rental agreements should state how tenancy issues will be resolved.

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