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How to Quickly Clean Your Student Apartment in Between Classes

Living in University of North Carolina apartments is a great way to feel independent. Of course, being independent means keeping your apartment clean regardless of your schedule. You do not want a guest to stop by only to find a cluttered or filthy apartment. Use the following tips to quickly clean your student apartment in between classes.

Spot Clean Your Apartment

Spot cleaning allows you to break your chores into smaller tasks while keeping the apartment clean. Your smaller tasks may include wiping the counters, doing the dishes and taking out the trash. This way, you have less to do when it is time to clean from top to bottom.

Clear The Floor of Clutter

It is not hard to notice the clutter on your University of North Carolina apartments floor. This is why you want to keep the floor as free of clutter as possible. A quick scan or walkthrough of your apartment can show you what needs to be discarded or put away.

Hide The Mess Until Later

If you do not have a lot of downtime in between certain classes, you can always hide certain messes until later. For example, place the mail in a woven basket with a lid until you can sort through it. Sweaters that need to be put away can be stashed inside a storage ottoman until you get home from class.

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