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How to Prepare for Tree Removal in Weston, CT

The decision to have a tree removed from a property is rarely one that is taken lightly. Some trees are taken down because they pose a hazard to nearby structures or power lines, while others are removed to accommodate new buildings or landscaping features and yet more must be cut down to avoid spreading disease.

Those who have already decided to call for Tree Removal in Weston CT still have some work to do, as their properties must be prepared for the tree crews that will help. Read on to find out how to get started.

Reserve Parking

Most tree crews will need at least three regular parking spaces to accommodate their trucks, chippers, and any other equipment required. These must be provided by the client unless they’ve already come to an alternative parking arrangement. It’s also important to move any personal vehicles a safe distance away from the tree, as it’s not uncommon for debris to fall and cause damage to property that is not removed to a safe distance.

Outdoor Items

Homeowners are usually responsible for removing any outdoor items like furniture, flower pots, children’s toys, and other personal items from the work area themselves. Failing to do so can wind up causing property damage so most companies are fairly insistent about this and many will charge homeowners who do not take the time to remove personal items themselves. After all, tree crews are supposed to be paid to take care of trees, not to clean up children’s toys, and their time is valuable.

Clean Up After Dogs

Tree crews need to run ropes and rigging gear along the ground, so it’s important for families with dogs and other outdoor pets to clean up after their animals. This will prevent contamination of the equipment in use and will remove the need for unnecessary delays.

Get Started Now

Want to know how much Tree Removal in Weston CT will cost or what else homeowners can do to prepare their properties in advance? Get in touch with Northeast Horticultural Services for a quote or answers to any questions today. The company has plenty of information available at Northeasthorticultural.com that can help homeowners understand their options and prepare for work on their properties.

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