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How to Prepare for House Painting Services in Kansas City, MO

Painting your house can be a major undertaking. When you hire house painting services in Kansas City, MO, you ensure a professional look without the time and hassle of doing it yourself. While the painters will take care of a lot of the prep work, there are some steps you should take before they arrive to help them complete the job promptly.

Clear Out the Furniture

If you’re already living in your home when you hire house painting services in Kansas City, MO, you need to make room for the painters to do their work. Removing the furniture from the room goes a long way toward making their job easier. However, if there are larger items you can’t remove from the room, move them toward the middle of the room and cover them with tarps to protect them.

Clean the Walls

Paint adheres best to clean walls. Your house painting services in Kansas City, MO, will likely clean the walls before they get to work, but you can simplify the process by cleaning them yourself before they arrive. Remove outlet covers and other faceplates, so the painters don’t have to work around them or take them off themselves. Use a simple mixture of mild soap and water to brush down the walls with a sponge. However, don’t soak the walls. Give them plenty of time to dry before the painters begin.

Secure Your Pets

Even if your pets are harmless, it can be challenging to paint when pets are wandering around your home. Find a secure place to keep your pets while the painter’s work. If it’s a nice day outside, you can leave dogs in the backyard during working hours. If sending your pets outdoors doesn’t work, securing them in a crate or closing them in a room that won’t be painted works.

If you’re getting ready to hire house painting services in Kansas City, MO, visit the Fresh Coat Paint & Stain website to learn more about their services.

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