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How to Prepare for a Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Every year companies have to prepare for their annual fire inspection. Part of this process includes the inspection of fire extinguishers on the site. This may seem like a hassle to go through, but it is actually very important. Fire extinguishers Los Angeles can save the lives of many people in your organization. Yet, aside from the yearly inspection, your business should be checking the extinguishers on a monthly basis. See how you can make this inspection as effective as possible.

Make Use of Tags

One thing each of your fire extinguishers needs is a maintenance tag. This piece of information helps you keep a record of your maintenance efforts. It is a great help to organize a plan for future maintenance as well. Therefore, your first step is to ensure that all the fire extinguishers Los Angeles have maintenance tags.

Get Them Ready

In order to work, fire extinguishers need to be charged. Most models have a gauge which tells you if there is a sufficient charge. If the gauge indicates a low charge, you will need to have it recharged by a professional. This involves decompressing the unit and refilling it with an agent. Make sure all of your extinguishers have a charge in case of a fire.

In Plain View

The next thing you need to consider is whether the extinguisher is easily accessible. You can determine this by looking to see if it is located in an open space. There shouldn’t be any obstructions around the unit. If there are, remove it to a different location. You also want to make sure the extinguisher hasn’t suffered any damage.

Finish Your Records

Finally, you’ll want to complete the maintenance tag in an accurate manner. This will provide you with critical information that you will need for your next inspection. If you perform these steps, you’ll be well prepared for the next formal fire inspection.

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