How to Pick the Best Engagement Ring to Capture Her Personal Style

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Jewelry

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Are you looking to get engaged soon? If so, congratulations! You are about to embark on one of the most remarkable journeys of your life. The engagement process is no less special. Despite this truth, you may still have questions. Will, my future spouse like the ring? Is it big enough? Is it all that she was expecting and more? While these are all valid questions, it’s important to consider your partner’s personality in the process. What is her overall style, and how can you adapt to it?

Types of Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing an engagement ring can be tough. Use the following guidelines to help you pinpoint your sweetie’s style for that special day. Here are a few of the different styles of engagement rings in Indiana that you can view and select from.

Simple and Traditional

Does your darling have a love for the simpler things in life? If so, she’ll likely love the solitaire style. With its spotlight on one single diamond, this pick is sure to please with its straight-forward yet beautiful and classic radiance.

Glamorous and Stylish

Does your future wife prefer the finer things in life? Choose a ring with a setting that holds the diamond high to accentuate the glitz and glamour that she adores. Additionally, many rings come encrusted with smaller diamonds along with the band which might make these types of rings a top pick for the leading lady in your life.

Contemporary and Creative

Does your honey tend to march to the beat of her own drum? If so, then she is likely to equally love a ring that is just as unique as she is. With so many creative cuts, designs, and colors available, you are bound to find one that is sure to make her stand out from all the rest.

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