How to Narrow Down Your Search for Student Housing in Orlando

by | Oct 3, 2023 | student Housing Center

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It can be time-consuming to investigate all of the student housing near the University Of Central Florida. To make good use of your search time, consider these top factors when looking at apartment complexes.


A convenient location will not only save you time but frustration and money. When you can get within one mile of the UCF campus, you can practically eliminate wasting time in traffic. If you live within a mile of school, you can walk or ride a scooter or bike to class. Some buildings also have free shuttle buses to UCF. The Three Lynx public transportation system makes it easy to get around town, and if you can live close to a stop, it makes running errands and shopping easier.


Developers have worked in everything from compact studios to four-bedroom rentals into their student housing by the University Of Central Florida. Many of the bedrooms have private bathrooms, which makes it easy to share the space with roommates. Before agreeing to have a roommate, see if you can sign per-person rental contracts. These protect all parties. If someone cannot make the rent, the other tenants will not be responsible for them.


To be successful in college, it is vital to take some time off. You do not have to feel guilty about relaxing if you can quickly take a dip in an on-site pool or squeeze in a workout in an on-site 24-hour gym. For more details about student housing by the University Of Central Florida with these amenities and more, visit Lark Central Florida at

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