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How to Make Your Visit to Alpharetta Pet Hospital Easier on You and Your Pet

Regular veterinary care is vital to the health and happiness of your pet, but a trip to the vet isn’t always easy. An anxious pet makes for a stressful visit. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make your appointment at Alpharetta Pet Hospital easier for everyone involved.

Go for fun drives. If your pet only associates getting in the car with a trip to the vet, just getting there is going to be a problem. Take your dog for drives to places he enjoys and let him run errands with you. Many drive-throughs keep a box of treats at the window for their four-legged customers. If a car trip might mean a romp in the park or a biscuit, your dog will be happy to hop right in.

While cats may never learn to love a ride in the car, a similar tactic can be used with them. Don’t use their crate only for vet visits, or just the sight of it will scare them away. Make space for it in a room your cat frequents and make it inviting. If they’re familiar and comfortable with their crate, getting them in it won’t be a struggle on appointment day.

Motivate a hungry pet with treats. Bring your pet’s favorite treats, and make sure he’s hungry enough to be motivated by them. Skipping a meal before his appointment will make the treats irresistible, and create a positive association between the animal clinic and tasty morsels.

Avoid the lobby. If your pet gets stressed out around other animals, don’t wait in the lobby. Walk them outside on a leash to burn off some energy and keep them calm before your appointment. You can also ask to be placed in an examination room if there’s one available.

Accustom your pet to being handled. Regularly touch your pet in the places a veterinarian normally examines. Perform “mini-exams” in a relaxed setting; rub his feet, look in his ears and eyes, and lift his tail. Not only will this get him used to the way his vet will handle him, it might also alert you to potential health issues between visits.

It’s particularly helpful to begin these practices when your pet is young, but it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. A visit to the pet hospital doesn’t need to be stressful. It can be a fun event for your pet and an easy day for you.

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