How to Maintain Your AC in Westminster

Most people want their AC in Westminster to be functioning properly in the summer months. Homeowners can prevent costly repairs by properly maintaining their unit. If you do not maintain your AC unit, then you have to call in an Air Conditioning Service. There are certain tips to follow that help with maintaining your unit year round.

It helps to understand the components of an air conditioner unit and how it works. You can research this information or read a book on the subject. Another option is hiring a repair technician.

If you are planning to clean the unit, then you want to shut off the power. It is important to keep safety in mind with maintenance. There are certain areas to clean on the outdoor unit, such as the fins and condenser coil. The fins should be cleaned once or twice a week during the spring. Some parts on the unit may require oil and you want to reapply the oil to those specific parts. You can find the right type of oil at the hardware store.

Debris can affect the function of a unit and it should be kept free of dust particles. Central air conditioner units tend to suck air into the fins. Plants and shrubs should not be near or around the unit. This keeps the outside AC from sucking in dirt or leaves.


The indoor unit should be clean if you have access to it. You can vacuum the bottom of the fins with a soft brush. Any debris near or on it should be removed away from the fan. The fan can be cleaned by taking it outside and spraying it down with a water hose. After the fan is dry, you want to put it back on the unit. It also helps to vacuum any dust that may be in the blower compartment.

The filter should be changed once a month and helps with unit functioning properly. Some people make the mistake of going months without changing it, which can affect how the air comes out. If you are planning to hire an AC company for repairs and maintenance, then it best to find an established company. Click here for more information.

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