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How to Know When You Need a Rockford Criminal Defense Lawyer

It’s difficult to know when you might need to talk to a criminal law attorney in Rockford, IL. In some situations, you might not have the advanced warning that you’ll be facing charges. In other situations, you might feel uncertain as to whether or not a lawyer can help you. Knowing the best time to talk to a lawyer can help you protect yourself against future legal action.

You Expect Criminal Charges

If you have committed an illegal act, your first action should be to talk to an attorney. A lawyer experienced in handling cases similar to the type of crime you committed can offer you recommendations for handling the situation. Even if you choose not to hire the attorney, your conversation will be confidential, and you’ll have nothing to lose by seeking expert legal insight.

You’re Required to Testify

Even if you’re not facing charges, testifying in court can lead to a bad situation if you testify to your knowledge of a crime. Before you’re required to appear in court, it can help to discuss your situation with a criminal defense lawyer. They can offer recommendations and help you offer truthful testimony without compromising your rights.

You Have Been Arrested

Although hiring a criminal law attorney in Rockford, IL after getting arrested might seem like the obvious next step, many people try to proceed without legal representation. Even if you plan to plead guilty, you should talk to a lawyer before taking action. Your lawyer might be able to get the charges dismissed, obtain a more favorable deal, or offer a defense that can help you get acquitted.

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