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How to Keep Your Vehicles Stored Properly When Not in Use

Whether you’re setting your boat aside during the winter months, or packing away that RV until the kids are out of school, storing your vehicles when they’re not in use is essential if you want to keep them in proper condition. Therefore, continue reading to learn more about storing your vehicles.

Storing Your Boat
Once those summer trips down to the lake are over, shrinkwrap your boat. This preventative measure can help prevent the growth of mildew and excess moisture onto the body. However, if you’re storing your boat in a facility, check with them about the minimum fuel requirements you must meet, and empty out your gas tank if need be.

Storing Your Car
Let’s say you’re traveling abroad, or going off to live in a new state for a few months. You should take a handful of these precautions with your car before leaving on your big trip. First, make sure it’s covered with a quality tarp. Next, purchase a tire stop to keep it in place. Avoid using the parking brake. You may run the risk of the brake pads fusing with the rotors.

Utilizing RV Storage Facilities
Storing an RV will acquire additional space because unlike an old car, you can’t just tuck it away in the corner of your garage. This is where SecureSpace can help you. They are a storage company that can provide you with a wide variety of vehicle storage solutions, from RV storage facilities to nearby car storage units. You can learn more on their website

SecureSpace Self Storage provides RV storage facilities that keep your vehicle safe and sound from extreme conditions.

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