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How to Hire the Right General Contractor for Home Remodeling

A home remodeling project is exciting, but it’s also a big job that requires an experienced general contractor in Indianapolis. Sometimes, homeowners attempt to handle the general contracting themselves and find out they can’t juggle all the balls. When one has a home remodeling project planned, here are some tips for finding the best general contractor for the job.

The General Contractor’s Role

First, it’s necessary to understand the contractor’s role in the construction process. The contractor is responsible for overseeing the entire project, handling the hiring of subcontractors for various work such as plumbing and electrical, obtaining building permits, setting up inspections, etc. Homeowners should hire a contractor with a solid record of completed projects.


Contractors handle multiple projects at once. Therefore, homeowners who have a strict timeline for completion should hire a contractor who doesn’t have too many other projects already scheduled. To learn more about how well a contractor meets their deadlines, ask for recommendations and ask their previous clients about the contractor’s adherence to deadlines.


How does the contractor expect to be paid? Most contractors require a downpayment to cover the cost of hiring labor or purchasing materials. Smaller general contracting businesses ask for more down than larger companies because they don’t have the same cash flow. However, no contractor should ever ask for the entire amount of the project’s cost upfront.

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