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How to Grade Commercial Construction Companies in Jacksonville

If you are looking at commercial construction companies in Jacksonville, this grading scale can help you to choose the best company for your needs. There are quite a few construction companies that list themselves as commercial construction companies in Jacksonville, but they cannot all really make the cut.

Use This
When you are comparing commercial construction, services use this list to quickly grade the company and move on to the next. Comparing the results will help you to make an informed decision. The questions are easy to use. For every affirmative answer, give the company a star:

  • Have they been in business longer than a decade? (for each additional decade beyond one add a star).
  • Do they have experience in your type of project?
  • Do they have the staff to meet your needs?
  • Do they have the manpower to meet your needs?
  • Do they offer added value services, like design services?
  • Are they cost conscious?
  • Do they have repeat clients?
  • Do they have the network that is needed to complete a project on time?
  • Can they provide impressive references?
  • Are their services customizable to the client’s needs?
  • Is there a high satisfaction rate among former clients?

Each star that you can issue based on the questions above will help you to quickly rate the service that you are considering. It is a simplified way of weeding out the companies that cannot meet your needs.

The Proposal
Of course, this is just a simple check list that you can use to reduce the number of consideration. Requesting a proposal and valuating the estimate is the only real way to choose a trusted partner in your project. Kendale is a good option for commercial construction in Jacksonville. They bring the added value, cost objectives and experience to every project.

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