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How to go about finding a good plumber

The worst time to try and find a plumber in Gainesville GA is when you desperately need one, the best time is when you don’t. However, most people never give any thought to having the name and number of a plumber until it’s too late and the water is rising in the basement.

Every building has a maze of pipes running through it carrying fresh water and waste. Many of these pipes are well hidden under floors and buried in walls and as a result the plumbing tends to fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category.

Plumbing is something that the majority of homeowners do not want to deal with; perhaps they will tackle a dripping faucet or a plugged drain but they depend on a plumber in Gainesville GA for everything else. There are many variables involved with plumbing and many special tools; tools that would rarely be found in a typical suburban home. To ensure that you have a good plumber when you need one there are a few things to bear in mind as you go about the task of locating the right guy.

* Plumbing is one of those trades that is hard to advertize, anyone can say he is good, that is easy but being good is something else again. A personal recommendation is usually the best way to locate a good plumber; ask around to members of your family, neighbors, work mates, etc and see if they have a plumber that gives them excellent results every time they are in need.

* If you don’t have any luck with a personal recommendation then try asking a building contractor or ask at a reputable plumbing supply store. Contractors and suppliers have dealings with one another frequently and most will have an opinion on who is good and who is not; in many cases they can attest to the quality of their work as they have worked with them on past projects.

* If you are new to the neighborhood ask the real estate agent that you bought your home through. Real estate agents are very involved with the locale where they do most of their work, they are a great source for names of just about anybody or anything you might need in your new area.

* If you do call and the phone is answered by someone who is obviously a member of the plumbers family it stands to reason he is working out of his home. This does not necessarily mean that he is not skilled but most good plumbers who have been in business for some time will have a place of business other than their home.

* A good plumber will be able to provide you with the details of his license and the insurance that he carries; these are important should there be an issue with liability.

A good plumber cannot give you an accurate cost of a specific project over the phone but at this stage of the game you are looking to find a plumber that you feel that you can rely on when and if needed so at least ask the plumber how he handles his billings.

Once you have a name and number in your personal phone book you can relax; if a plumbing problem occurs you are a call away from the solution.

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