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How To Get The Most Cash For Your Gold In Villa Park

People end up losing so much money when they sell their old jewelry because they take the first offer they hear at a pawn shop. If you walk into a pawn shop and aren’t sure how much your items are worth, then the people working there may try to take advantage of you and offer you a very low price for your items. You will probably say yes and take the cash without ever thinking about it again if you have never sold gold jewelry before. However, you should be aware that pawn shop owners will try to do this and take your items to at least three different locations before you actually sell it. You will be able to find out who is offering the best price for your accessories and get the most money for your gold.

If you are looking for the best place to get Cash for gold in Villa Park, then you need to stop by RJ Jewelry And Loan. This is one of the most popular places to get Cash for gold in Villa Park because they are fair and honest with their prices. They will weigh your gold and offer a fair rate for your jewelry; the same offer that they would give to anybody else. Some pawn shops will try to gauge the value of your items by looking at them alone, which you should never be okay with. You want to see that your items are being weighed and calculated, so you are getting the most money for your items. Also, take note of the karat listed on your item before you bring it into a pawn shop. 24K gold is worth more than double of what 10K is worth.

You may not know where to look for the karat rating on your piece if you have never sold jewelry before, but it’s usually easy to find. On a ring, it will be stamped inside the band. On a bracelet or necklace, it will be stamped near the clasp- usually on the receiving connector part. You may need a magnifying glass to actually read the karat rating, but all real gold accessories have this stamp. Be sure to take note of it, so you are prepared when you walk into a pawn shop looking to get some quick cash.

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