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How To Get The Landlord of Your Apartments in Shreveport LA To Make Repairs

Are you having problems with getting your landlord to take care of things? If they are not what can you do to get them to? Can you legally withhold your Apartments Shreveport LA rent?

The first thing that you would need to be able to withhold rent is unsafe conditions. This means that if there are repairs that need to be made that make it unsafe and your landlord is not repairing them. This could be a broken window, heater, or door. There are many other things that could be considered unsafe conditions. The most common type of unsafe condition that landlords do not take care of properly is infestations. However, if they are doing everything they can , then it may not be reason to withhold rent.

When you are going to withhold rent, then you need to notify your landlord that you will be and the reason. To do this properly you need to make sure to send it by certified mail, this way you have proof that they were notified. At this point you will also need to collect evidence of the repairs or infestation not being taken care of. Also, make sure that in your letter to your landlord that you include a copy of the state law on why you can withhold rent.

You would need to make one final request for your landlord to repair or get rid of the infestation. This way they have one final chance to take care of the issue. If they take care of it, then you cannot withhold your rent. However, if they do not take care of the issues, then you need to take the next step of filing papers with the court.

When you are withholding your Apartments Shreveport LA rent you need to open an escrow account. This way all your rent is in a safe account that the landlord has to ask the judge for. A judge may allow them to have some of the money to make repairs or fumigate.

You have options to make your landlord repair problems with your apartment. Make sure that you are doing it legally though, so that you are protected from eviction and other legal action by your landlord. There are many laws to protect the landlord, but many more to protect the tenant.

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