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How To Get The Best Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning service in Chicago is a term which is used to define the job description and function of people who are involved in maintaining air conditioning in both residential and commercial buildings. The idea behind air conditioning service is to catch minor problems before they become major problems, which inevitably lead to a system break-down. The service is performed on a regular basis; all the functions of the air conditioning system are checked, and components may be replaced or repaired if necessary. Air conditioning service in Chicago will also recommend when the existing system should be replaced, replacement being a result of obsolescence, energy saving or the inability of the current system to maintain the desired temperature.

Service contracts:

Most companies that sell and install new air conditioners will offer their customer a service contract that begins at the end of the factory warranty period. The service contract provides maintenance and service against an on-going and predictable schedule. The period of time between servicing is usually dictated by the operating conditions, units that run 24 x 7 are serviced more frequently than normal residential units, which run at only peak periods during the day. Regardless of the duty cycle, there will be at least two services performed annually. During the comprehensive servicing, minor repairs are carried out at no additional charge and components, which remain under warranty and fail are replaced with no labor charges. Air conditioning service in Chicago which is done under contract is an excellent way to ensure the system will remain in peak condition.

The service contract provides for evaluation of the system against a schedule. The evaluation includes testing of all components, including motors, the fan blades and capacitors. If it is a central unit, the service also includes a check of all the ducting. The idea of the tests and evaluation is to identify any part, which is about to fail or to simply identify potential problems that may lead to damage of the system. Professional air conditioning service Chicago areahelps the homeowner by potentially saving him a larger than necessary repair cost.

Manufacturers of high quality air conditioning units often provide one year of free service as well as the warranty. The owner of the equipment is given the option of continuing after the first year. The fee for service under contract is reasonable and considerably less than an urgent call-out when the system breaks down. The cost of a service contract can easily be balanced with the replacement of a single component which is included in the terms of the contract.

A note of caution, always read the service contract closely, not all air conditioning service in Chicago is conducted by reputable firms; the price may be great, but the service may be poor.

If you will settle for nothing but the best air conditioning service in Chicago then look no further than ELM Heating & Cooling. Their service agreement covers 20 points and includes a professional cleaning.



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