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How to Get Cash for Diamonds in Glendale, AZ: Selling Diamonds 101

Several main factors affect the amount of cash for diamonds in Glendale, AZ, that one can obtain. Diamonds are gorgeous and complex, often coming in a vast array of shapes, sizes, placement types and jewelry styles. Here’s a brief look at diamond criteria as well as diamond product categories that diamond buyers look for.

The Look of Luxury

Diamonds, like leopards, can’t hide or change their spots. With a precursory glance, the diamond buyer can see all of the diamond’s inherent flaws through a special magnifying eyepiece called a loupe.

Diamond flaws are called inclusions. They are birthmarks that cannot be changed, and they affect the overall beauty and price of each diamond. Buyers also look at diamond clarity, color, shape, brilliance and carat weight.

Industry price guides come into play as well when buyers come across unique and unusual pieces. The main industry price guide is the Rapaport, but buyers may also consult guides published by the Gemological Institute of America.

Types of Diamond Pieces That Sell

There are very few diamond pieces containing real diamonds that cannot score a fair, competitive cash price from a friendly, knowledgeable buyer. That being said, there are some recurring diamond jewelry categories that consistently sell well with buyers and their future customers.

Designer jewelry, estate jewelry, vintage and antique jewelry of all kinds top the list. In terms of specific pieces: rings, cufflinks, earrings and bracelets are fair game. So are necklaces, pendants, pins and brooches.

To get the most cash for diamonds in Glendale, AZ, look up Arizona EZ-Pawn at website one of Arizona’s leading hometown buyers of diamonds and gold.

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