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How To Fix Cold Weather Roofing In Hershey

How To Fix Cold Weather Roofing In HersheyRegular maintenance on a home can prepare you for when a significant home improvement job is necessary. Unfortunately, no amount of maintenance can prepare you for severe weather. There are certain things you can do to protect your roof from cold weather damage as much as possible and there are ways to fix repairs even under drastic cold weather damage. Contact Roofing Hershey companies to prepare yourself when the weather turns.

When the weather turns cold, there are simple tools you can purchase to keep the ice and snow off the roof. You do not need a ladder to operate the tools but you do need a lot of patience and a lot of warm clothes as it is not a fast procedure. If you are not prone to cold patches on your roof very often then a hand held tool will be the most economical choice to protect your roof.

There are reasons that ice may be prone to build up on your roof and maybe it can be solved from the inside. Adding enough insulation will keep the warm air in and the ice will not be prone to build on the roof edges. Another solution is that you can add roof heater cables to the outside perimeter of the home usually in the gutters. Add a gutter guard on top of the cables and you will prevent the ice from building.

The ice itself is not so bad as what the standing water under the ice does when the ice expands. With no way to run off, the water seeps under the shingles and starts pushing them out. When this happens the roof is damaged and if not caught in time, the moisture will get through the under layers of the roof and into the structure of the home. If you notice leaks in the roof in severe ice storms, you probably have significant ice dams building.

While it is best to replace a roof in the summer as opposed to the winter, there are ways to fix your roof even in the cold snaps. Typically, roof shingle adhesive requires at least 60 degrees in order to bond the shingle to the roof. There is specially designed roof glue or even the use of a nail gun to secure a shingle if need be.

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