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How to find roof faults and repair them

If you find that you have streaks that are across the ceilings and run down the walls of your home, the cause is a leak in the roof and roof repairs in Derby will be called for. Finding the source of the leak is harder than fixing the problem, however, there are tricks for finding the source of small leaks and making the repairs.

If you do have a leak in your roof, there is no time to waste, it must be repaired immediately; otherwise you are asking for trouble. It takes little time for mould to form, framing to begin rotting and insulation and ceiling destruction.

Searching for the source of the leak:

When you are attempting to look for the source of a leak, start by investigating the integrity of the roof uphill from the stain. When doing roof repairs in Derby, the first thing to try and find are penetrations. Penetrations are those things that come through the roof; things like roof vents, the chimney, dormers or skylights. It is very rare, even on old roofs for a leak to begin on a flat, undisturbed area. The penetrations can be many feet above the actual appearance of the leak; it can also be either side of the leak.

If your home has an accessible loft, it is quite feasible that by going into the loft with a torch will quickly show you the source of the leak. You will see the evidence; water stains, black marks and mould. If you have a cathedral ceiling, this will not work.

If you are still having difficulty is identifying the source of the leak, get a helper. You can go on the roof with a hosepipe, starting low, liberally apply water the area above where the leak shows up in the house. When you run the hose, isolate areas first. As an example, run water over the down slope side of the chimney, then each side and finally the uphill side. Your helper can stay inside and yell at the first sign of a drip. When the first signs of a drip appear, you are getting very close to the source. It can take some time to find the leak and begin roof repairs in Derby.

Small leaks:

Many small leaks are the result of what is referred to as “a shiner.” A shiner is a nail that was driven in by the roofer and it missed the roof framing member. During the winter in particular, warm air from the house can seep into the loft, it in turn comes into contact with the cold shiner and a drip of condensation forms. You cannot drive the nail back up or it will damage the shingle, cut it off so there is no visible surface.
Roof repairs in Derby can be undertaken by W R Leivers Roofing. No matter what the problem is, a fast local response is at the end of the telephone line.

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