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How to Find a Home Inspector

A person should always have a home inspected before making a purchase. The question, though is who to hire to do the home inspection. In this particular field, the most common method of hiring is through referrals. Start by asking the real estate agent. Most real estate agents have dealt with a number of home inspectors throughout their years of work. They will most likely have a list of their own recommended professionals to do the home inspection.


Another way to look for a Home Inspector In Naperville is to ask neighbors, friends and family. Any person who has ever purchased a home in Naperville has most likely had an interaction with at least a few home inspectors. They will be able to give their review of their experience with the home inspectors.

Besides a referral, a person can also check with the professional organizations for a Home Inspector In Naperville. An example would be the American Society of Home Inspectors. These trade organizations require that the professional follow a very strict set of guidelines. That means that they are more likely to perform a more thorough and accurate inspection than most.


A fourth place to check when searching for a home inspector is the Better Business Bureau. It is actually pretty easy to search for an accredited home inspector in Naperville. Just do a trade search for Naperville or enter the local zip code. If a profession has ever had a complaint filed against them, it will certainly show up here.

Finally, there is the yellow pages or the home service listings on third party websites. The yellow pages do not necessarily have reviews, but they often do list their qualifications and different services that they offer. The third party websites do have reviews. These can give a person an idea of how other customers view their experience with the home inspector.

These are the main places to look when it comes to searching for a professional to do a home inspection. Of course, this is just half the process. Once a list of potential candidates has been made, the next thing to do is to sort through that list to determine which is a good fit.


Lawson Home Inspection & Radon Testing has been a home inspector in Naperville for more than twenty-five years. The company is a licensed property inspector and radon tester in Illinois.

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