How to Effectively Use a Rescue Kit When an Overdose Episode Occurs in MN

You come home one day to find your loved one on the floor and unresponsive. In shock, you begin to panic and are frozen still. You decide to call emergency services, and they promptly arrive. Arriving in the ER next to your loved one, you have been given the news that they have overdosed on an opioid and are doing everything they can to save them. While recovering, you will require professional support to help them recover, then pick the best mental health support apartments in Burnsville.

Don’t Blame Yourself

You are probably in the waiting room, blaming yourself for not being there or not being able to do anything to prevent the situation from ever happening. Do not blame yourself. You have done everything you could, given the sudden situation. You might begin to think about some ways to help your loved one if an overdose episode occurs again. The answer may be to learn how to use a Naloxone kit. But how?

What Is It?

A Naloxone kit is a rescue kit that can reverse the effects of opioids like codeine, hydrocodone, and others. Sometimes labeled as Narcan, this kit is used to help when an overdose occurs and comes in three forms, nasal spray, injection, and nasal atomizer spray.

How to Use This Rescue Kit

The first course of action is to try to wake up the person who is overdosing. If it fails, then administer the Naloxone according to the directions for the type the kit includes. Then, call emergency services after doing so.

Help Your Loved One Recover

Now that you have learned how to use a Naloxone kit, you are now searching for professional support to help them recover from opioid dependency. Contact Options Residential Inc. They offer the best mental health supportive apartments in Burnsville. For many years, they have provided a safe environment for those who want to achieve sobriety. So, when searching for the leading mental health supportive apartments in Burnsville, they are the ones you should contact.

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