How to Deal with a Designjet Printer Repair

by | Dec 1, 2011 | Computer And Internet

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When your business relies on your printer to succeed, you must keep it in optimal operating condition. However, no matter how well you maintain your Designjet printer, it may require a repair at some point. Fixing the machine yourself is often not an option, which means you need to call a qualified professional.

Watching your printer for signs of potential problems is crucial to catching issues early. The earlier you call in a professional for your Designjet repair, the cheaper the fix typically is. For instance, if you begin to notice irregularities in the print quality occasionally, a printer technician may be able to make a few minor adjustments. However, if you wait until all of your images are of poor quality, the printer may need a complete overhaul.

Printing quality isn’t the only aspect of your Designjet that may require repair. The paper feed may begin to malfunction, or the internal components may wear out from frequent use. Many of these problems are unavoidable over time, but a qualified professional can often fix these issues. Repair is often a better alternative to purchasing a new machine, especially when you use a more expensive printer for your work.

Preventative maintenance helps you avoid needing to repair your Designjet printer as often. Keeping the printer heads in your printer clean and replacing them when necessary can help keep your prints clear and sharp. Some aspects of preventative maintenance still require a professional. For instance, a service technician can open the printer and clean out the insides, as well as inspect the various components for wear-and-tear. Replacing these internal components as they wear out, but before they break, reduces the number of repair calls you will need to make.

Choosing a repair company for your Designjet printer requires you to evaluate your needs. Many of the Designjet printers are large and heavy, which makes them difficult to move. Thus, taking one into a repair shop probably isn’t a good option. Instead, you need to find a company that will send a repair person to you. When a professional repairs the unit in your office, the printer will be up and running quickly as well, which means your company won’t lose as much production time in the interim.

Keeping your printer in peak operating condition helps protect your company from losing business. This is especially important when your business relies on the ability to print your projects. Getting repairs done as quickly as possible avoids delays in your project deadlines.

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