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How to Deal With a Clogged Rain Gutter Downspout

The maintenance of your rain gutter downspout and it’s frequency will depend largely on the condition of its extension and the bottom of the downspout. Staying in an area surrounded by trees calls for regular checking and unclogging of the downspout. This is because the closer the trees are located and the taller they are will increase rain gutter downspout maintenance time and effort. You can install a rain gutter strainer to keep leaves, twigs and debris out of the downspout. If your area is tree-free then you can rest assured that you won’t be spending much time and energy behind rain gutter downspout cleaning and maintenance.
You will also need to clean the downspout strainer from time to time so that the water flow is not blocked. Here we will discuss some of the important things you need to look out for in case you have a clogged rain gutter downspout.
While it rains you need to observe the discharge from the downspout. Check the top of the downspout or the gutter outlet if you find that there’s little or no water coming through the bottom end. If you find it blocked or clogged you need to have it cleaned out. This should help improve the water flow immediately. However, if the gutter outlet is not clogged and the rain gutter still has stagnated water, the condition of the bottom end of the downspout needs to be checked. This should be be located at the point of a curve or at the extension of the downspout. You need to exert caution while doing this because if the bottom end is blocked, gallons of water might just be waiting to rush through once the blockage is cleared. However, if there is no blockage even at the bottom you will need to check right through the downspout. It could be possible that debris has accumulated somewhere in between. Try using a plumbing snake to unclog it. It will have to be fished down right through the outlet of the gutter.
You may also use a garden hose to flush out all contaminants down the spout. If the gutters are overflowing even when water is discharging from the downspouts you might need to consider getting a larger gutter system as this one could be too small for the volume of water. Also remember that the downspout assembly might just collapse if held up water puts too much pressure on the downspout brackets and joints.
The best possible solution would be to get in touch with a professional to tend to your problematic rain gutter downspout. Tacoma residents usually face this problem during the rainy season. There are many companies situated in the area from where you can get professional help.

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